Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This was from last year about this time and I thought how funny that we would be sitting somewhere warm and sunburnt a year later. Granted San Diego is pretty much the same as here in Ohau but still...it will be awhile before we see snow again!
I am excited to be starting my new business venture- Creative Memories. I have been kinda on the fence about joining as a consultant. I decided to jump in feet first. There is alot I need to learn but I think this will keep me very busy!
My website for ordering some of the product is http://www.mycmsite.com/sites/amberwristen.
This is way outside my comfort zone but I think God has some plan in it for me.
I am looking forward to what that is!

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Alicia said...

That's a great picture. Where was that taken? Thank you so much for your encouraging post on my blog. I'm still in total shock that they have shut down communication for 8 days straight and one wife said her husband told her 10 days. At this point, I can only hope that it doesn't go beyond that.