Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Family is pervading my every thought. I miss our family being together. In the mornings, we had our cuddle time. Now that Caedmon is four years old, he is too big to sleep in our bed all the time. Plainly put, he is a bed hog. So this morning, Caedmon came in at his usual hour and cuddled with me for a bit. As he was dozing back off to sleep, he reached across me, patted the pillows on the side Daddy sleeps on and sighed "Oh Daddy..." and went back to sleep like he was content Daddy was there. I almost burst into tears at the thought of him not being there when he awoke. But he knew as soon as his eyes re-opened that Rick was on the sub still and he asked all the usual questions. "When will he be back?" "Is he okay?"
I am feeling much better after having fought the flu all weekend. I will say to be sick and a "single parent" is not fun at all. Caedmon was also sick. It was a sicky house for sure. But we are recovering and on the way to going back out at our usual breakneck speed.
One new development is that God brought my way a babysitter. Her name is Hope and she is 13 years old. She is certified and all that. She is coming over for the first time tonight to go over our bedtime routine. I will be attending a MOPS night out with some other moms. It should be fun. I am actually excited. And now I do not have to impose too much on my awesome new friends Stephanie and her husband Shawn to watch Caedmon.
That is all for now.


Alicia said...

Oh, Caedmon is so sweet. Precious boy! Timothy's new thing is, "When daddy comes home...". He's got all these big plans, evidently!

So glad you have a babysitter AND a MOPS night out! And that you're feeling good enough to be able to do it! I seriously think sick single mom is really the worst. Hope you had a great time tonight, and we'll talk soon!

Sharon & Jacob said...

Man, everyone is getting sick. Even in Hawaii. Craziness. We're thinking of you guys and still praying for you. I don't know if I ever gave you our blog, if I didn't here it is. www.marta1137.blogspot.com Take Care!