Sunday, February 15, 2009

So I got a phone call. YEA!! I am so happy now. I have been waiting and waiting. My patience was tested and so I am glad that I had set up a day to go to the beach for Caedmon and I. We needed the distraction. And then he called. I am very excited to have talked with him even if it was but a few minutes. I know that we will talk again. And about different topics than those we did discuss such as credit cards and taxes. The life of a wife is never done and so I had to just remember we will have more time and he needs money to do things while he is in port. In case you have not heard, my hubby's card was compromised while he was gone and so I had to cancel it. So he is depending on a credit card and an ATM card that he does not have a pin for. SO we are figuring out the logistics of his spending and stuff. IT is so much fun.
But back to the call, Caedmon was very excited and talked for a minute and was all silly on the phone. Calling Rick Silly Daddy and making funny noises. He then told him we were at the beach and he had his friends there. and then he was done.
But we are very excited and happy now. We will get to hear from him again.

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The Grewe Crew said...

Hooray for the quick moments in life that we treasure! I'm sure that phone call meant more than you can express on a simple blog entry. Sorry to hear about the financial drama! :( Lame!