Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So here are a few pictures from Sunday. We went to Hickham Beach and played for about 2 hours. The three other boys are sons of some of the other wives whose hubbies are also gone. Caedmon is talking to Rick on the phone. As you can see, he was very happy to have his Daddy to talk to for a few minutes. We have since been able to chat with Rick a few more times. And each time Caedmon is either very silly or really has something to share. Either way I know it makes Rick happy to hear his little voice.
I am feeling my patience leaving me. What ever work the Lord has done in me feels so lost right now. I am forever frustrated and always scowling or at least it feels that way to me. And yet my son loves me. I have no idea what I am doing half the time ( or at least that is how I feel). I want so much just to reach through the phone and bring my husband home. Its like talking to him just makes me miss him more but I would never ever trade the sound of his voice for any other sound.
I am feeling a tad overwhelmed at the prospect of another (approx.) 5 months doing the single parent thing. I am stretched and I just need some time alone- just me and the Lord. No one else.
The nice thing is I have another phone call to look forward to tomorrow. I love talking to my husband. Even if what I say is silly and inconsequential. I want so desperately to sound intelligent and I want to talk about other stuff but my brain just flits away when he is on the phone. I hope he knows I am not being inane on purpose.

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The Grewe Crew said...

You can't use the word "inane" to follow up how silly and uneventful the things that you talk about are. :) My phone hasn't said "Amber" on the incoming call list in a few days. How about you try it out? I bet we can vent about our lives together! :) I'm far away, but still here for you!