Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So today was much better regarding my attitude. I definitely felt better this afternoon at least. Caedmon and I went to Leapin' Lizards, a place where they have bounce houses up and you pay to get in and play for two hours. Caedmon insisted it was cold outside because it was raining so he wore his "Christmas Hat" as he called it. It is a handknit beanie my aunt made him. He was so sweaty by the time I was able to get it off his noggin. But the activity did wonders for the both of us. It was a good distraction and then we came home- to a phone call from Rick. Yea!! I was able to just chat with him and actually hear about Japan and about what he has seen so far. We basically said our goodbyes but I hope to get one more call tonight. I will miss my husband's voice for a good long while and it has been great being able to just talk to him.
I am still very down about some other things, though. I need everyone to be praying for my friend's son, Joshua. He was born yesterday and was doing fine but is now having troubles. His breathing and his heartbeat are irregular. I got a call today saying there is a possibility they may come and stay with me while he is getting care at Tripler Hospital. We are waiting because the hope is that Joshua improves and there will be no need of his being transfered from Guam to Oahu. I am just needing prayer for my heart that I would continue to be a source of comfort for this family and that my home would accommodate everyone. We will see. Just lots and lots of prayer is needed in this situation. My heart just hurts for all of them.

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