Sunday, January 4, 2009

So I have been thinking as of late that I may have been holding a bit too tightly to my life in San Diego. I had at one time been so attached to Washington that my heart would not allow others in and I was set against even liking my new home that the Navy had sent us to. And now I find that I am once again faced with the choice to either begin assimilating to this new place or not.
God has been at work here in my life. I have been shown that anything I do may or may not be what God has planned for me. I just have to trust him everyday in everything.
This morning was boding to be a bad day. Needless to say, Caedmon now was 0-2 and it was not even 9:30 am. I was so frazzled that I had almost decided to not go to church this morning and just have Caedmon take a nap. I am so glad that God had placed such a desire to find a home church on my heart that I knew we needed to go and check this church out. And I am so thankful that we did.
Yesterday, I met a dad at the park while Caedmon was playing. This dad's name was Shawn and we started just chatting. He asked me if we were looking for a church and when I answered yes... well, we were invited to attend Island Family Christian Chruch. The greeters were really warm and I felt at home right away. I met some moms who invited me to MOPS and I am excited to go on Wednesday. So all in all a very different day from what is was shaping up to be.
I am hopeful but feeling a bit trepidatious regarding the future and what I will find on Wednesday. It is so funny that the pastor's talk would be on living by faith. So thank you Lord for this day that YOU have made and teach me to rejoice in it, no matter the circumstances.

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