Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sorry, no new pics yet...

Just wanted to let everyone know this week I will have my computer set up and then I will have some pictures to post.

So far today was quiet. We went to try out a new have we been blessed with the pastors we have had at our other churches. I know that this was our first time attending yet it made me miss my RDR friends so very much. We went to a Calvary Chapel that had great worship and the pastor was passionate but did not actually read off any scripture like we have become used to. I do not know if it was just first time jitters or what but my natural human inclination is to compare the churches we have attended in the past. It is like I have a mental checklist...

1- Did someone greet us warmly or not?
2- How did the pastor speak?
3- Was the children's ministry up to my standards?
4- Home fellowships- nearby or far?
5- And the list goes on...

Ack! I sound so ridiculous after listing it all. I will go another Sunday and get involved for the Church is my lifeline especially here even if the pastor teaches in different style. Not all pastors are as gifted or can teach so effectively as those we have had the privilege to learn under. I thank God He brought those men around my husband and myself when we needed it the most. And not to mention the rest of the people whom we have become brothers and sisters in Christ with. I almost cried this morning in dire need of a hug from JM, Shannon, Sheena,Alicia,...anyone of my precious friends and I had to resign myself that I will just have to wait awhile for those hugs. Needless to say, I will need all the support I can get soon enough. I have emailed a MOPS group nearby and hope to get a response soon. Anyway, here I am offically embarking on my very own Hawaiian adventure.

P.S.- I loved the children's ministry. Danielle (one of the workers) was able to get Caedmon involved and hapy to leave my side so I could go to church. He was making his mind up not to let go of me yet he went and sat next to her. The whole group 4s and 5s sang worship songs with hand movements and then they split up into age groups. So all in all, Caedmon was happy and talked our ear off about the video he watched.


Alicia said...

Love the new blog look!

I think when you're looking for a new church it's only natural that those items you mentioned come up as a checklist. And when you've really experienced an amazing church, it's hard to have something different! Glad to hear Caedmon enjoyed his time-that helps him and your stress! Okay, do you feel it? I'm giving you a giant hug right now-huge squeezes!!!!

The Grewe Crew said...

{-------squueeeeeze-------} I miss you too, my friend. I'm SO PROUD OF YOU for trying a new church, getting the MOPS thing together and getting life together out in Oahu. I'm here for you whenever you need me, so just give me a call! Actually, call me today! I'm up and home all day with the kiddos! I LOVE YOU!