Friday, January 30, 2009

So I am posting this up as way for people to know what Rick needs in prayer while he is gone. So far, he is doing well and his boat's morale is still good.
1) He needs sleep. It is hard to get used to the sounds of a submarine. His hours are not the same and the noises are quite different. He is having trouble getting sleep this week.
2) Loneliness. He may be surrounded by people but they are people new to him. There really is no one he calls friend yet. He is still building those relationships.
3)Safety during port calls. While I cannot divulge where they will be going, they will be visiting foreign countries.
4) His spiritual walk. That it would be strengthened and uplifted. Pray he will get plugged into the services that are held by the layleader on Sundays and that he will read his Bible avidly with a new passion.
5)Routine can be both soothing yet mind-numbing. Pray that he is able to alleviate boredom and continue to read and keep himself busy.
6)Caedmon- He is missing Rick already. Pray he does not get too sad and is excited for him to return.
7)Me-I need strength and guidance as I go thru this time.

Thanks. I was just thinking of Rick today after his latest email and he needs prayer like never before.

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Alicia said...

I just prayed for Rick that the Holy Spirit would be his strength and comforter. I hope you and Caedmon are doing okay. I'm praying for you constantly. I haven't heard from Dan since Tues, which is kind of lengthy! I'm doing okay, though. Jessica's little girl, Emily, turns 1 this week and we just got home from her b-day party. Love you.