Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So I am missing my husband tonight. I want to crawl into my bed and have him by my side to curl up next to. I know it is only a few days into our being apart but it is fresh in my mind. I miss him. I emailed him and he responded which just made my day today. I love that the shoes we bought him are good for his legs and he is enjoying the movies he brought. I am just sad he will miss Caedmon growing in leaps and bounds. Caedmon asked me today if he could go on Daddy's boat and cuddle with Daddy in his rack. He said "I won't get in the way. I will just cuddle with Daddy." He watched some of the videos we had made before Rick left. That seemed to help some tonight. It is like this feeling of sadness comes and goes.
On a lighter note, I had my first family readiness group meeting. I met some other wives and found out I have some kindred women who are going through the exact same situation- being 6-7 weeks pregnant and having another child to take care of and having had to say goodbye to hubby. So that helps ease the lonely feeling. I volunteered to help with the planning of the halfway night party for the wives so that should keep me busy.
Anyway, that has been my day today and I am tired; so off to sleep I will hopefully drift. I have struggled with resting and just letting my brain turn off the past week so I need to sleep.


Alicia said...

That picture of you and Rick is amazing! I'm so glad you found some wives in similar situations. I love you, girl! Is there a Tiny Tots type program there for Caedmon?

The Wristen Family said...

Thanks! Caedmon actually took the picture! And alas no tiny tots programs here on the island. I am finding daycare is a MUCH sought after thing here and the centers are VERY full. I amgoing to go join the YMCA just so I can have one Saturday a month to go get my nails done and other things. I miss you and love you too.