Monday, January 26, 2009

This past weekend was filled with fun and relaxation as we prepared ourselves for our farewell.
We went and drove up around North Shore.
The view from the highway is what you see in the photos.
We made it to Haliewa and had lunch.
Then we treated ourselves to shave ice with ice cream at the bottom. As they say in the islands, it was "ono"(delicious)!
Caedmon also decided to try his hand at taking some pictures.
His subjects were the free-range chickens and his feet.
He loves his little camera.
Anyway, on to today. Today was tough. The first two pictures pretty much sum up our day. We said goodbye for a long while. Rick was sad, as was I. Caedmon hasn't really got it but we prepped him as much as we could before Daddy left. When we went to the beach today, we got to actually see Daddy's boat go out into the ocean. Caedmon was running up and down the beach yelling "Bye Daddy!" and then he went back to playing in the sand. I have been trying to emulate my son. He just got on with his day. I am putting one foot in front of the other and not really feeling the weight of our goodbye just yet. I know that this next few weeks will be tough and I am going to start a count down tradition with Caedmon. I have not got any ideas yet so suggestions would be welcome.
We will be fine as long as we trust in the Lord.

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Alicia said...

Oh, the pictures are amazing. Seeing the sub go beneath the water is incredible!

Did you watch the Elmo video before Rick left? I think it can easily be used after daddy leaves. Elmo puts an X on each day of the calendar, and Timothy has started doing that on his calendar all by himself. And I've just given Timothy a month to expect Daddy back since I know the date they're telling us won't be right.