Thursday, January 8, 2009

So before you ask...nope, not me but I liked the picture.

I will seriously try and get pics posted weekly of me. Right now my hubby is gone. So I have no tech person to help me get my computer up and running.
So I am officially pregnant with my second child. I am in the trimester of the sweatpants, as my friend JM so perfectly put it. I have been feeling uncomfortable in any clothes other than workout gear and now I know why.
My next appointment is scheduled for January 14th and I should have a more definitive answer on my due date then. As it stands, the baby is due August 8th.
I am not feeling sick; just very, very tired.

Poor Caedmon has been a trooper the past few days. He misses his daddy and we pray for daddy's boat every night. Tonight he prayed that Daddy would have enough tape so the boat could hold together under the water.

I miss my husband more than I think I have in a long time. Just to be able to talk to him or email him would be wonderful. And I have no way of letting him know we are going to have another child, which makes me sad. I have worked out how I am going to tell him, though. I just bought some clothes that fit. I have a shirt that says "TEAM BABY" on it, that I will wear to go pick him up. And because we read Berenstain Bears, Caedmon and I are going to go pick up "The New Baby" book and wrap it to give to him as well.

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