Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well, we made it to Hawaii. Oahu to be exact. And to top it off we survived our first real storm. We were without power for 12 hours. Caedmon thought it great fun and he pretended to be a super slueth with his lil dog flashlight. He helped me locate the Peanut Butter and jam for dinner. And helped us to find our way upstairs. We have got to invest in some candles and matches (two things the Navy will not allow us to pack up) for next time.
As I was driving home from my errands, I looked up and saw the most beautiful full rainbow stetching across the whole sky. It was a silent reminder to me that God is in charge no matter the weather or if we have power or not. I love our new place and our neighbors are real quiet. We are going to go to church tomorrow at the church down the street. Anyway, we are just so happy to have made it here and are starting to get settled.
There will be more pictures and even some videos soon.
And no we have not seen President-Elect Obama while here. He was also without power on the Eastern part of the island...Hope all had a fun and Happy Christmas! Mele Kalikmaka! And Aloha!

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Alicia said...

Yay, you are alive!!! I can just imagine Caedmon while you're describing everything he's doing. Can't wait to see more posts!