Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So True Little Sister So True

"Never allow the possibility of failure to stop you from reaching your objectives. When you have a strong belief in your actions and desire to succeed nothing can stop you."

So I am sitting here getting ready for bed and I am thinking oh I need to check my dashboard to see what my people have been up to. Facebook is wonderful for that instant rush of information and all but something about people's blogs make it seem more intimate. Anyway, I check my sister's blog and she has this quote. It is inspired from an Abraham Lincoln quote but I am stealing it because it so applies to our lives right now.

We are facing so many changes and the direction in which we are headed seems to contrary to what the world would have us do that we look almost a little crazy but I can honestly say nothing has excited me as much or terrified me as much as where we are headed. Wow was that not just about the longest run on sentence ever. :) So here goes, our plan (and it is our plan for my wonderful and amazing husband has been consulting me on this whole process) is to leave the Navy. OMG! I know here we are the biggest diggits ever and we are leaving. Well Rick is technically but really we both would be. I am so familiar with this world that it is going to be a HUGE adjustment. 

Now that I have made that announcement the baby has taken the cue to start crying. Tomorrow will be an explanation of why we are making this choice and what we will be doing with our crazy selves after all this. :) 

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Drea said...

It's an amazing quote soooo steal away my sister!!! <3

I love you my sissy!