Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waiting Game

And so now I wait. Wait for my husband to come home. Wait for my appointment tomorrow. Wait for my life to have rythym again. Wait for this child growing inside me. Wait upon the Lord, for His timing is perfect. Waiting is always hard. I feel sluggish up until hours before the appointed time and then there is never enough time to get all the things done I need to do.
I am a bit melancholy and feeling a wee bit homesick. Last night was tough and it hit me. I am very far away from my support group and my family. I am settling but that takes time and so the waiting begins.
My hope is I am able to have this child with my family intact. I know I have prayer warriors going to their knees for me and that comfort is tangible. Yet there is a bit of apprehension anytime one's spouse is deployed. My heart's prayer beyond anything else is that he returns to us, happy and whole. Regardless of my timeline, God works all things out for good.

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Alicia said...

Oh, you're making me cry!!! I hope your time passes quickly and you know who comes home before the other you know who comes home!