Monday, January 19, 2009

So I have been trying to lean on the promise that each of the Lord's children rests in His hands. I am His and he loves me. Circumstances do not dictate my faith rather they should strengthen it and direct me to look to Him always. I have been tested the past week. I am in for more testing as I go through the longest seperation from my husband since we were married. We were apart as he went to nuke school but I was in high school and there was much to distract me then. I am mom to Caedmon so I cannot pine after my husband for too long but I will miss him the whole time he is apart from us. And the still quiet times when I am alone are the times I am afraid of. I will strive to fill the lonely times with the Lord and reading the Word but I have to admit I do poorly alone. I love to be around people. And we just moved so I am filling up my new roster of friends slowly but steadily. I hope to find many adventures while Rick is gone but they will be bittersweet as my best friend will only experience it through letters and pictures.
Anyway, I was just contemplative this Martin Luther King Jr. Day morning. Looking at the blessings I have around me makes me grateful for people like the man this day celebrates. He strove for equality and now we have a President-Elect that would not be possible without Mr. Luther's efforts. Regradless of your political stance, it is quite an achievement.


The Grewe Crew said...

Oh my sweet, sweet friend! Your reliance on the Lord is inspiring. I am praying for you this week and want you to know that I am #1 on your San Diego "roster" for support. I love you and am proud at the perspective you have with everything in your life. Hang in there. Hawaii will be old soon enough.

Alicia said...

Oh, dear friend, I'm praying for you.