Sunday, October 26, 2008

So this weekend was busy...but wonderful all at the same time. 

Saturday dawned bright and early with Caedmon up at 645am and ready to go to the craft fair. We went to an Armed Services YMCA juried craft fair in Point Loma (@ 10 am) that was amazing. I could have been financially in trouble there, what with the cute Christmas decor and the awesome kids toys...We went with Alicia, Timothy and Samantha. The picture of Caedmon climbing the tree, with Timothy in the background, is courtesy of Alicia. After we did a quick run through and figured out what we each wanted to buy, we went outside where the kids found this tree to climb on. Sam had to get in there,too. You can just see her right behind Caedmon. Afterwards, we went to the Cabrillo National Monument and visited the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. We had a picnic lunch on the benches overlooking San Diego. And then...we went to a Spooktacular event at Borders bookstore. The kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and had some fun. It was geared towards older kids a bit but they did really well. I think my favorite part of Saturday was just getting to hang out with our friends. It was really nice just to have some time where Caedmon could be a boy and not just be with me. And..then Lela, our neighbor invited us over for dinner. She made stew and rolls and homemade eggnog. That recipe will be up in time for the holidays. It was AWESOME!! (as Caedmon would say...) 

Today (Sunday) was a whole different picture. We were very tired and did nothing. Rick had had a BIG day on Saturday, too.Having had a day filled with soccer and more soccer, he was exhausted and nursing a sore foot. So having a day of relaxation was a great idea. We slept on the couch and watched movies. We played video games and folded clothes. And watched Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy. 

Then...we got all spiffed up and went out to the Prado restaurant in Balboa Park.The sweet family photo of us is from the courtyard area. What you cannot really make out is that Caedmon has a striped blue shirt and a Batman T underneath and Rick is wearing a green striped shirt with a Green Lantern T. So handsome are they! The food was amazing and the person we were celebrating the best. All in all, the evening was a wonderful end to a fun weekend. BUT the best part has to be what someone ( who was part of the party but I did not know) told me as they were on their way out:

"Your little boy is adorable and we were just talking to him and we asked where did you get your blue eyes from and he said God. So you are doing a great job! He was so good and well-behaved...we didn't hear a peep out of him all night...That is just an awesome testament to you as a parent. Keep up the good work!"

*sniff*sniff* Sometimes just a word like that reminds me of why I do what I do every day in re-enforcing good behaviors. have some acknowledgement! Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful child and for sending those words to me through that woman. I am so energized for tomorrow. 

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Alicia said...

You are an amazing parent! I'm so glad that woman reminded you!