Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well needless to say it has been awhile since I last blogged. I need an hour or so to do this justice and I am not doing that.
We have had visitors aplenty and just came back from a wonderful trip in which, you guessed it, we saw Rick. It was wonderful and everything one can hope for. I am so happy that we decided to shell out the money for it and go ahead and visit somewhere new and exciting. Rick had a great time and we are still trying to get it through our heads it was real and not a dream.
Now that we are back, reality is sinking in and all the things I need to do before the week is out are creeping in. I am already up to my ears in my lists and I just got home yesterday. Oh well...that is life I guess.
Caedmon loved seeing his Daddy. And now that I look back, I wish I would have thought to take out my camera when they reunited; but I was so tired and overwhelmed with it all, all I could do was smile and cry and be happy. Caedmon was instantly in his Daddy's arms and Rick was just glad to be holding him again.
I am so going to cherish the touch of my husband's hand in mine and seeing his arms holding our child. I think this will sustain all three of us to make it through the next few months. With the Lord's help and our own determination (and loads of friends), we should be just fine.
I am looking forward to going to church again tomorrow and celebrating Jesus and what He did for me and for each of us. My heart is glad again and I owe it to the Lord who had blessed us with the funds and the time to do the things we are doing. Now if only I can take some more time to spend in the Word and start shoring up for my new role as mom of two, life would be near perfect.

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