Thursday, February 26, 2009

So here is Caedmon.
He is very proud of his muddy pants.
He never gets dirty but on this day we went hiking in the rain forest.
Where it rains a lot and it gets muddy!
So we were hiking back down the mountain and we both slipped.
Mommy fell and almost landed on him
But he caught himself on some rocks and landed on his butt.
So here are the results of that day:
A muddy but very HAPPY little boy!
All that a mom could ask for!
He had great fun being the line leader
And showing Mommy the best way to go and to hike
Since he is the resident expert in our house at the moment.
According to himself!
And that is all for today!

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Rancho Del Rey Salt and Light Ministry said...

Muddy pants...same excuse Nick used last time