Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Resolution of the Spirit

So I am aware that most resolutions fail and do so quickly.

Yet God has been plying me to change and change for the better. I have not been the clay He wants me to be. But rather a stiff pot telling the potter what he did wrong.

I have been thinking since this morning how many opportunities I have missed because I have been too tired, too stressed, too shy, too much of the people-pleaser... the list goes on. In this time of great upheaval, my first instinct is to cry (which I have done) get angry (done) and get depressed (done). There has been little of crying out to God, being at peace, finding motivation in Him who moves me... 

Why? There is a dis-connect between God and I.

I am not running a course with joy but with a flagging spirit. This has affected me for a long time. I have been selfish and wrong about so many things. I look at what God has given me and I am blown away at His grace and His greatness.

Who am I that He should love me so? I am His, bought and paid for.

Does my life reflect that? I desperately want the answer to be yes. 

Oh to love you more! 

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