Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here's a sampling of some of the things we have done.

We went hiking with Maili and Koa.

We went to the fair with Auntie Erin and had great fun. Caedmon loved the bumper cars and rode on the airplanes,too. He really wanted to ride on the pirate ship but was too short to go so we took a picture of it instead.

We visited the free museums on Tuesday. Maili and Caedmon decided to pose so nicely for me!

We just returned from Arizona. We visited Prescott, Jerome, and Sedona. All beautiful and nice to visit. Caedmon liked Jerome best because it had a playground and we had a "pikinic" there. We went with Chanel to pick up Maili and Koa from their grammie's house. Pictures will soon be up from that trip.

Caedmon has had a full day today. We went to the gym for two hours. I worked out and Caedmon played and played. We then had soccer this evening and he played at the park.
He is now sleeping peacefully and I hope he sleep all the way through the night. He has been getting up at 3am and coming in our room and I have been getting up and putting him back in his bed. He protests the whole way and cries. I then have to try and fall back to sleep. It sucks!
Poor Rick has to be up at 530am after all that. Oh well! One can hope Caedmon will grow out of it (and when he does, I will miss it! ;0( Such is life!) .

Off to bed I go and head into tomorrow. We have a WIC meeting to see if we qualify or not at 9 am. I am all prepped paperwork wise. So we will see...

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Alicia said...

Yuck about the 3 am wake ups! Is it still going on?